Culture reflects and shapes ideas, values, beliefs, customs, and social behavior of particular people or societies. The one who forgets one’s culture forgets one’s identity. Our culture defines us, but nowadays, young people know less about traditions and culture than in the past, threatening to eradicate ancient cultures and customs. Our culture allows us to understand ourselves better and are worthy of being cared for and preserved. This is where Mhasike Nu comes.

Mhasika Mhasike Nu “Identifying Identities’ ‘ is an interactive archival of the indigenous objects, art, and technology of the Newa Community. 

Mhasike Nu which directly translates into “let’s get to know ” or “let’s identify” is a project initiated to revive, preserve and enhance the Newa: culture, Nepal Bhasa, and Newa: history through archivable everyday objects. Utensils are like history in themselves. Utensils show how people lived, how their lifestyles were, and why the utensil was shaped in a particular way. Maybe pottery water containers were made to cool down the water in summer or maybe we didn’t have metal objects back then. Through MHASIKE NHU we will be unfolding these stories and histories of many such utensils and everyday use objects. MHASIKE NHU will take you on a historical and nostalgic ride from tiny details like “why that particular carving?” to “why was it even made for?”

We ask you, people, to join us in this journey, support us, ride with us and help us make this project a big success and help us to preserve and save our identity, save our history and save our  CULTURE. If not now when and if not us who?

  • Project Name म्हसीके नु
  • Project Lead Prakash Chitrakar
  • The Team Niroj Bade ( 2d Artist) , Sandesh Chakradhar (3d Artist), Rujeet Prajapati ( App Development), Shreeya Bhinduwa (Content Writer)
  • Project Year 2021

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