Baucha O Maicha Donated Stationary

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On the occasion of New Year 2071, Baucha O Maicha launched “School Exercise Book” on ,,,,,,,,,,,. These books mainly focused on …. andstationary items were donated to students from “A unit of Rehabilitation Centre of Children & Orphans” (RCCO Nepal). … Continued

Baucha O Maicha in Pasa Pucha Guthi UK

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Baucha O Maicha takes pride in sharing that an article on Bauchaomaicha has been published on ‘Guthi: Issue 13‘ by PasaPuchaGuthi, UK. The article states the identity, significance and contributions made by Boucha O Maicha to the society. We express our great thanks … Continued

1st animated video

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Bauchaomaicha Video has been released on the occasion of NhooDayaBhintuna 1134. Through this video, Baucha O maicha would like to wish all our well-wishers and people around the world from Newar Community, a ‘Very Happy Deepawali and NhooDayaBhintuna’. You can … Continued

Baucha O Maicha Font

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Getting bored with the same usual font? Baucha O Maicha introduces new set of fonts for beautifying your texts. Bauchaomaicha Font released as of November 3, 2013 on the auspicious occasion of NhooDayaBhintuna 1134, has been titled as the best … Continued

An Interview with the Creator

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Did you watch the interview of BigyanPrajapati, the creator of Bauchaomaicha in TV last Saturday? Yes, recently we had an interview with Himalayan TV Channel in a TV show “‘Life’ a trends & style” a Presentation of ECS Media, about Bauchaomaicha, … Continued

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