First Anniversary of Baucha O Maicha

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Baucha O Maicha celebrated its first anniversary on …. Reminiscing the year, Mr. … says, “ I still remember when we had our very first creation “DheDhe Chula Pasa“, and which we posted on this very day and many of the people out there liked it so much that we got an inspiration to create an innovative characters “Bauchaomaicha”.”  Yes, it’s been a year when we started and in this year, our creation and characters were so liked that we could not remain without expressing our gratitude to all our supporters, well-wishers, friends, family, our sponsors and all the people out there who supported us in each and every step of our journey to this point, he added.

Throughout its first year, Boucha O Maicha successfully conducted …… events in various places like ….. Some of the events that were covered in our first year were:

The love of our followers always inspire and motivate us to come up with something new. We plan to come with more such events and activities in the years to come. The support of our sponsors has and always be very precious to us.

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